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  • Bridge Condition

    Tennessee bridges with condition, age, and ownership type. Back to Transparent Tennessee Open Maps
  • Pavement Roughness

    International Roughness Index (IRI) data indicates overall roughness of pavements. Lower numbers indicate smoother pavements. Back to Transparent Tennessee Open Maps
  • Rare Species

    Tennessee Natural Heritage Program maintains a database of rare and imperiled species and plant communities for the state of Tennessee. This version is on a county level and for...
  • Air Quality Attainment

    Land areas of Tennessee by county designated by EPA as attaining the (NAAQS) National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Back to Transparent Tennessee Open Maps
  • Unwanted Pharmaceutical Takeback

    Permanent unwanted pharmaceutical boxes prevent prescription and over-the-counter medications from getting into the hands of children and into the waterways. Back to Transparent...